New YouTube layout (in testing)

You can try it out here:

Looks like it may take a little getting used to...


Looks OK. Was expecting it to have the same look as Google+ and new Gmail layout. Really glad I was wrong :rolleyes:

Not bad, but i prefer the the original version over this, as of now.

Google is under full make-over It started off with Google Adsense New Template then Google Analytics new template then feed burner then google webmaster tools then google layout then google plus now youtube wah

I would prefer a black coloured bar.. like vimeo.

Why not facebook develop the video sharing website as its streaming is much better than youtube.

named as facetube

how can i go back to OLD layout?

^ "Try something new!" link in footer, then cosmic panda from there, then opt out of it.

^ What?

^ Just goto to switch back to regular version.

^ thanks

Yes surely you are in need of a new layout for you page....