New Weird Microsoft Commercial ft. Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld

They are going to be making more of these with Seinfeld. This is in response to Apple's get a mac ads which have been quite popular and successful while giving MS a run for their money.

You can see the 'get a mac' ads here.

i love seinfeld

^me 2. best sitcom of all time.

yea thats a wierd commercial

Hahahahahahah. If you had listened to twit's latest eposide, one of the speaker predicts the meaning of the Ad with a little bit of humour.

I think, these ads will PROBABLY be a series against Mac vs PC ads.

Uptill now, Microsoft is going strong with NOT revealing any detailed information but giving little hints.

This war will be exciting war. :D

huh...didn't get it... :/

weird is an understatement...


^LOL.....its better than the 1st one...these ads are starting to grow on me....i am waiting for the next one....... :D

yea the second one is a lot better....or at least its a lot funnier :)

still don't get how this is marketing Windows though :P

I think they're trying to create a softer image of Microsoft - whether they're succeeding or not, I can't say! :P

I feel for them, though. And I want them to pull this off, but I'm not sure they can! The Apple ads are really aggressive, its about time MS started paying attention to marketing and advertising. Remember the Mojave experiment?

^ I agree. But they fail to deliver any message so far. All they have created is confusion and the talk which isn't necessarily bad. They better nail down with the 3rd ad though.

Mac adds were better but I do like the effort of Bill in these ones.

Microsoft now moving to phase 2 of their ad campaigns with "Im a PC" ads similar to that of Apple's "Im a Mac" ads.

Check them out here.