New Wateen Selfcare Page Is Not Working

Recently Wateen changed the customer's selfcare page from to,

but now this new page is asking to enter the ID and Password and it has very old offer's graphic.

Even their revised page is not opening - - where they update offers and everything.

Now we have no way to check data usage, create complaint tickets...etc

Anyone else facing the same issue?

I can log in by entering my Wateen ID and password on selfcare page. The auto login seems to have been affected by their "network reconfiguration" that has been causing slow browsing on few sites.

I don't remember my ID and password :( I think I will have to contact them via helpline.

Also, do you see slow "downloading" in the past few days?

Browsing is perfect but when I "download" something, even it is only 200KB file it takes ages to download it. Facebook is also not loading fine.

naah its opening while asking username and password.

but revised page is not opening

yes it is asking user name password .