New site in town!


this new site is all about getting you opinions on various issues and while doing that you can also win 100rs topup for your cell every day

so visit us at

hope you people will like it !

people your comments and feedback is vital to improve the site so lwt us know what you think about the site and its concept !

I dont get the purpose of this site. Without true purpose you wont be attracting a lot of users.

you got "mind maps" kind of theme looks good, besides that same question like deffury, whats the purpose of site?

bad html :P

thanks alot for the feedback

As for the purpose of the site our main objective to get the opinions of people about the things around them things that they use daily .

At the moment site is new and don't have many users therefore haven't yet asked any mature question on the site. as soon as we have considerable amount of audience questions will be become more mature.

like for instance the question could be "how you find the current service's of ptcl at 1218 do you feel they are satisfactory ?" now when many people answer this question we will have a result from that result ptcl can get to know what are the problems their costumers are facing and can take actions to resolve the issues regarding that problem.

Because as a single person every one just ignores you and your opinion but when many people have one opinion things can change so basically lodomoo is a platform to collect every single opinion and convert that in to a meaningful result. That can solve the problem and make life easy.

and @ yuronline suggestion to make this "bad html" to turn into a "good html" will be highly praised. :)

as i said earlier comments and feedback are vital so keep them coming :)

sorry for double post but kindly provide some feedback about the concept thanks !

Han whts all tht cnt understand plz explain d concept

well visit the site to understand the concept if u want to !

dirty look ! feel sick when i was viewing that site .

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