New PEPSI commercial

Enough is enough now I have to write there about new pepsi commercial. Firstly what was the logic behind it? And if any of you still not know let me remind you the line which is most popular these days "Kis ney kaha tha kay pepsi pey 5 Rs. Kam kar do"

The very first time when I saw that commercial, my reaction was 'Oh what a stupidity' and later ignored it just like we do if we don't like something. But, I have never ever imagined that it'll become the most discussed commercial in the coming days!

I'm now tired of getting texts(sms's) about it.

My question is that what do you think about it? And did Pepsi marketing company has even thought that this type of add will boost their product so much or it's just their luck? Why all people want to discuss it?

Share your thoughts about new 'funny' pepsi commercial :D worked....that is what it was designed to do and it did....

Why so serious???!!!!

LOL Xainnadeem

I asked some friends who forwarded me Pepesi texts that have they bought pepsi recently after watching that add. They all said NO. I doubt the add helped boost pepsi sales.

I guess this was pre-planned... c'mon the way she says the script is so taunting... and it does not even fits the story of the commercial. Anyone knows whos that woman in the advert by the way? jst wanted to ask how much she got paid for doing this :D

I believe PEPSI themselves made loads of sms's about this advert and all their workers forwarded those messages to their lists... and there we have a super hit marketing strategy.

Despite the fact i do like the marketing technique im not a fan of PEPSI itself. i havent bought a single pepsi bottle this ramadan cuz i stick to Coke. Cocacola is way better than PEPSI at same price... however they have mostly stupid commercials.

In software engin or management there is term KISS(keep it simple,stupid) :) stupid keeps it simple nd gotta viral

its a hit just like the well known 0900 78601

I agree with Zazzyo.

The people at Pepsi probably came up with most of these texts and forwarded them to their list.

they wanted it to make word of mouth and it is. I stopped watching geo super because of this Add. Hated it.

Who want to watch Geo Super? (The channel of advertisements) lol

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its a hit just like the well known 0900 78601

Lolz you just reminded me of a time few years ago. i was gonna dial a 0900 no for ptcl’s dialup internet hours and i just dialed 090078601 widout thinkin…figured i made a mistake when dat telephone started singin zeeeero nine zero zero seven eight six zeeroo one tele fun…

A very simple yet non sense ad with a very low budget but has worked for them.

Yes ... with so much hype created .... I will not switch to pepsi.

I hate pepsi ad and i hate the txts which i been receiving.... its total stupidity.

Marketing stunt succeeded.. what else you want?

note these lines when she said

"soucha tha pepsi laun gi tho iftari ghar mein karon gi"

this is totally a stupid commercial of pepsi not even this all pakistani tv commercials pakistani tv commercial makers are totally fail they not have minds and ideas thats why companies like uniliver chose indian tv commercials