New modem/router - some questions

My current PTCL modem/router cannot send full strength WIFI signals in the whole house. I want to buy a new modem that has long range very strong WIFI signal strength. So if the modem is placed on the ground floor it sends strong signals to basement and first floor and roof (which the current PTCL modem does not). We also have PTCL SMART TV enabled on it so the new modem must not have a problem running that.

Which modem should I buy? Name, model etc.


  • Very strong WIFI signals in the whole house
  • Able to run PTCL SMART TV
  • Cost must be less than Rs. 2000

Can you buy an aftermarket modem which work with PTCL broadband service???

I have the non-wifi ptcl modem and using a separate D-link router for wireless internet.

Depending on the size of your house and your needs this isn't going to happen especially in your cost range. Your requirements are asking for a very high end modem/router which could cost around 10k and even then I am afraid you would have to use a wifi externder/signal booster.

I have a TPLink TD-W8980 wifi modem/router that I bought for 9k couple months back. Its a dual band Wireless N router 300/300. Over 2.4ghz frequency band it gives me about 80-100mbit connection next room however the signal drops to a mere 40mbit (3 Bars) in my living room without an aftermarket range booster where my smart tv is located (1 canal house, this is on the same floor). Now 40mbit is still more then enough if all you are going to do is surf internet wirelessly on your smart phone/tablets. But if you want to setup a DLNA server or transfer large files wirelessly and use that wifi connection to stream audio/video over on your HD TV's or smart phones then you will get lag when running HD content.

And I am sorry about SMART TV as I have no idea about it, for that you will have to confirm with someone who is using Smart TV or from ptcl itself.

My advice? For that budget get a range booster something like TPLink TL-WA850RE. Its listed for Rs.3100 over at