New IP Range from from PTCL

Hey all

Today I just surfing and suddenly I saw my IP and it is ''. Are the any new upgrades going on ? I'm in Isb, F-8 Exchange.


Yes its ptcl'S ip range, since I have never this one so its possible that they have bought a new IP range.

I saw it first a week or so ago. Yeah, one of the F exchanges.

how to check ip ??


yeah the new ips sucks more making them more greedy lolz..

I got it for a brief time yesterday - and I'm in Pindi.

I do know that their old IPs have been plagued as "bots" and a few sites ask for human verification captchas. Perhaps that's why.

Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking :P

wishful thinking :lol:

This IP range is a few months old at least. They bought the whole 39.x.x.x IP pool, class A.

I also have an IP similar to this which I got few hours ago. It is which sucks bad :( (bad browsing, streaming and latency is awful :()

How can you tell what is a good ip ???

with the experience which comes from significantly prolonged usage and perhaps, observation...

This IP in my case is doing OK for now. What happend to local ping? (Speedtest) :(

I am not actually on this new IP so I can't test it.

Edit: I just did a speed test and it turns out my external IP is from 39.41.xx.xx

Here is speedtest result:


Ping test to germany:



52715655.png ~

/12 IPs bought by ptcl last year! and currently in use. and fyi it was the last IPV4 pool available for Asia.