New Forums

The old forums were hacked, and sadly, the only backup was also overwritten with the hacked version.

On the bright side, Google, Yahoo, and a few others maintain a almost complete archive of the old forums, so some of the more useful threads can still be recovered.

At the end of the day, the blame goes to me, for not updating the forum software after a security vulnerability was discovered, and not keeping enough backups!

The forum software you see now is the new beta version of Punbb, and I'm setting it up to both do multiple staggered backups, as well as updating it with each new release.

live and learn KO, no worries. good job getting the forums up and running so quickly.

We lost a lot of old material, but its nice to get a fresh start. Get rid of all the useless material and start anew. Kinda like the feeling you get when you format your bloated error-prone Windows and re-install! ;) The admin team on this end will work hard to get the forum up and running smoothly as before.

This looks really clean. Good luck with the new forum!

Old Data Lost :( But This New Forums Looks More Stylish Then Old Version...

This is actually the third reincarnation of the forums - as they say, the third time's the charm!

First - over at, than here, and now the "clean slate" version.


i like this new one. im sure it will get populated with threads really quickly.

Its actually a good opportunity to gauge how many users actually USE the forum. Only a handful of the registered members contributed, and going through the userlist a lot of old ones weren't active.

Yup! Threads are being made again and inshallah the forum will be back to its old level of activity soon. I have made more ISP sticky threads.

Is Worldcall famous/good enough to have its own thread like the other ISPs? :lol:


Can't say about others, but at least saad will be able to get his post count back :lol: ..

KO, the logs are limited to 28th February. At what time was the forum hacked? Anyone's got an idea?

You can keep us down, stomp our faces in the ground but 'you will never take away Our Freeedom!' - BraveHeart :)

New forum looks good. How about integrating pic uploads into it?

i like the new one too. dont worry we will build the community again. good job thanks.

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Can’t say about others, but at least saad will be able to get his post count back :lol:

KO, the logs are limited to 28th February. At what time was the forum hacked? Anyone’s got an idea?


I opened the site around 9:30AM and by then, the forum was hacked, so it must be before that.

I would also encourage going back to some of the system logs to determine how the miscreant got in. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but I think the open critique on the telcos and ISPs might've gotton to somebody ;)

thats what i call clean elegant forum :) peace guyz we will make it more good then ever

Sad but it happens. Instead of pointing fingers at random targets or looping into some conspiracy theories, and of course after reading analysis by waqas, I concludes that it might be an automated attack. Happened with phpBB too (who can forget that infamous automated hacking of forums around the globe). Maybe too much famous at Google's search made this forum a very likely target for automated bots.

At least that "useless material" (as mentioned by sah :) ) is now history (pretty much part of history other than few temporary caches). Something like vague memories of couple of days' older nightmare. "Somethings that should not have been forgotten... were lost. History became legend, legend became myth." -- Lords of The Ring

In my humble opinion, as KO admitted himself, that backups are must when running anything on internet. Moreover, it is very important to keep the pace with developers to keep your software updated and protected. Prevention is better than cure (especially when there is no cure). Already used 3 lives out of 9 lives ;)

Hopefully, in this new "life-time", I shall try to avoid criticizing corporates and government :)

Cheer up, The show must go on. Or maybe as with United Kingdom's monarchy "The King is dead. Long live the King!"

Fe-Aman Allah.

To hackers, crackers, hijackers, pta'ers, pie'ers & crap'ers !

As much you will press us - as high we will go. For example look at this more secure, more beautiful, more popular and more active forum. You lost dear. Actually given us a chance to improve.

To community members !

Data can be hacked but thoughts can't. Keep presenting your thoughts openly here. It was the openness of this forum which brought so much attention and value to it. The real power is community not the data. If community is there data will come again.


...You have already done so much. No more demands. Cheers and keep it up.

To KO,

I would suggest to make Saad Ibrahim as a moderator in this "life-time" of forum. Asad and Sah are very good moderators but adding Saad will indeed may help this forum grow quickly. My vote is for Saad. You can conduct a poll for that :)

Fe-Aman Allah.

WEll i think the users must get their post count back

and good forum now

hope no more things happen to it like ppl say

"sitare gardish main hain"