New devices

Got an internal update new devices are coming from ZTE in which usb would not require any software like the current one require Motorola connection manager and the best part is that it would contain 2 GB of space for data traveler :)

and again it is an internal update only as the devices are not yet received

^ any news of wateen slashing of prices of 1MB Unlimited to Rs.1200 like PTCL?

no updated in tariff man if i get some will definitely share it

So still no new devices. I am going to Jhelum franchise from last two months for WIFI enabled device but every time the answer is same: No new stock arrived yet.

On the other hand Gujrat franchise called me number of times but the reason due to which I am not getting device from Gujrat is that inter-city Wimax may get blocked in few days after wateen's mac binding.

Wateen management sucks big time.


no wonder that it's not yet available at Jhelum you got to wait then bro