People: In my entire life I have never join any forum or any blog post and its not surprising for me or nothing shocking for anyone because I have always believe that this is waste of time and my thoughts still haven't changed. I know that you people might be thinking what a fish this guy is crazy ! Well my problem is not that whether I'm crazy or others my question is here to all weired Pakistan forum members and others Pakistani that what we are doing here solving our problems for passport, networking, girlfriends, TV shows, movies, addresses blah blah....

See whats happening around the globe and whats happening in our country its that because that government is corrupt or our president is on Italy trip or of flood its because we are not doing any thing for our own Pakistan and we only talk and after five minutes we forget everything. There are many things we should discuss and should do something for our country. For e.g many of us who throw our books or doesn't even care where are they lying in our homes we should go by ourselves to any of govt schools and donate them and how long it takes 5 or 10 minutes thats all but we cant do all we need to bark, am I right people ? and see in interior sind or wherever problems occurs instead of helping people we raise our prices ans never help any one and also people like me who I'm not blaming any one goes abroad for better future and family and from there on live calls they say Pakistan is this Pakistan is this who the hell is someone have right to say anything like tis to Pakistan. Like this there are many problems we have to take care of this no government can reach all the problem of the country they cant come inside your or mine house to clean dirt. My fellow Pakistani we have to work together.

My request to Weird Pakistan website owner please do something to connect this website to all news channel and newspapers and other media so we can do something.

If you want to do stay in peace then start working together - LETS JOIN HAND TOGETHER FOR OUR OWN PAKISTAN.

I want all Pakistan to change my thought that we can do something for our own country I cant do anything alone i need you? Will You Help Me ?

welcome to WP, well if you have joined a forum for first time then mind reading its rules also

political discussion is not allowed here,

2nd we are here to discuss technology, its a tech forum.

3rd Dont know whats your point.... do u merely intending to confuse us ?

I did'nt want to confuse anyone and um not even serious...just want to help our Pakistan.

Thats what every extremist say

And why is it written General Discussion

You'll be banned or your thread will get deleted, just wait till any of admin team signin, they don't allow this type of content. You are in wrong forum dude.

See forum rules.