Network switch suggestion

Please recommend a good Network switch for home use.

Buy any..TP-links 8 port switch costs around 7-800Rs.. Its a good lyt switch...If you want to waste more bucks then same 8-ports D-link switch will costs u about 15-1600Rs. But they both are same believe me...I'm using a TP-link switch bought 2yrs back and is still working 24/7..even its adapter didn't fry.

currently I'm using a 5 port Belkin switch. it's working fine without any hitch. I even used a tp-link for a few days. Thanks.

Used a D-Link 8 port switch when I had nayatel. Ran flawlessly for 3 years, than I moved from isloo :(

You should stick to the D-link, it is better. than any brand commonly available in our markets.

Choose any network switch that is manufactured by D-Link and choose the port option according to usage criteria....