Network Boot

Ive got a bootable iso, and i want to run it on a PC, the PC doesn't have a optical drive, but it does support PXE .99d boot, now how can I use another PC to provide network boot

Another query, I installed RIS on windows 2003 advanced server, but it dint work, the PC I wanted to boot, just kept accessing DHCP and nuthin happned

Both PCs are connected through a router, which has its own DNS and DHCP it because of it ???....i also tried by hosting DNS and DHCP servers, on the same PC that was hosting RIS service, but still the PC could not network boot

++ wuts DHCP relay ?

If you have got an optical drive on the "other PC", then your best and simple solution is to take it out and plug it in the first pc and install the operating system that way.

Unless you have done network installations before, the procedure is too complex to desribe here. And BTW RIS don;t allow booting ISO images. So what are you planning to do by the ISO anyway?

For the DHCP problem, check that the subnet mask must be and nothing else. Also some PXE boot versions require that IP must be in the range 192.168.*.* so configure your DHCP server to serve request in that range.