Netgear Modem Causing Net DC... Help Pls

Salam Guys,

I am using netgear wireless adsl modem router DG834gsp v3 for almost 2 years now... and till friday it was working great but then we have the issue of net disconnection in our area so after that from last 2 days i was using netgear modem and my nets get disconnected every 20min.. when the timer comes @ 20min the net get dc for 1 sec and then reconnect it auto... i though its still the problem from ptcl side but today in morning when i connected the shiro modem that i got from ptcl is working fine... no disconnection till i think my netgear router giving me problem i need help what should i do now ? i use netgear for my wifi work.. so i hope i get the reply urgent..

Thank You

RESET your modem and try it again..

resest done and cofig the modem lets see if its working fine oR not :) be back here after few mins of testing :)

after resting every thing back to normal :)