Net Not Working Properly

hey from past 2 weeks my net is not working properly is dis wid all of u?!!! my facebook is not working properly and now even twitter.. i m using ptcl dsl.. the page say it cant be load...?!!! plz help me out is dis a problem in ptcl?!! my frnds facebook is also not working properly..... help out plz.. :)

we cant help you out as we are also facing this problem :) the problem is in PTCL backend servers...they say they are fixin it lets see now !!!

thx for telling... :) hope the issue resolve soon :)

lol i wish they wud friggin resolve it in next 15 minutes!!!!! Its been over a month.

Actually we got no options except Linkdotnet and ptcl.These both sucks.LDN was having those ping problems year back and still they are having bandwidth issues.The thing is we don't have options.We have to use it.