Net Banking in Pakistan


We are conducting a research on Internet banking services offerred by Pakistani banks. We need to analyze the perception of net banking users and how they feel about the services offerred by these banks.

If you have an account on any of the Pakistani banks and actively using their net banking service please give us your valuable feedback.

Thank you

Well i am using the UBL net-banking it's a great service can do lot of stuff by just sitting at home...

real time account balance,buy voucher, pay utility bills, online shopping and lots of stuff in short i am pretty much satisfied from them....

UBL net banking is great service

i use UBL net banking to pay utility bills and etc

out of curiosity, Does faysal bank provide online banking?

Thank you for your posts

I agree, UBL net banking is a great service with many features, but even once I faced issues with UBL net banking when my account was blocked without any reasons and it wasnt accepting passwords on my mobile phone.

alamode, I am not sure about faysal bank you have to call and ask them

Faysal does not offer net banking. I have been asking them for some time now and they keep telling me it is under testing.

What is shameful is that I was using net banking in the US in 1995, and banks here still do not have it. :(

At time of recession, its very hard to introduce new frameworks.

I use Dubai Islamic internet service for simple things like balance sheet review etc

Using MCB virtual banking, having good services, fund transfer, request cheque book, almost every utility bill payment facility etc,

and also for your information Atlas Bank is also going to start Net banking...

since days im trying to activate netbanking on UBL and facing lots of problems. Even the custumer service cant solv my issues.

i use SC and ABL net banking . too good service

i am using netbanking of following banks

1.UBL bank

2.MCB bank

3.Habibmetropolitian bank

4.Allied bank

all of them have certain option as


ubl have wide range of option's like pay bills,buy mobile cards they links to some major pakistani online shoping website's like etc and to some insurance compnies etc .beside it they have not any opton of fund transfer b/w ubl and other 1 link or mnet banks.


mcb have almost the same option as in UBl.


hmb have only the option of checking ur balance and changing ur atm pin only?

Allied bank.

Allied have pay bill option but not with the all compnies,but they have 1+ point of fund tranfer to almost any pakistani bank through netbanking.

I wish Faysal Bank would start soon with the net banking....aarrgghhh....

I do see something on their site but it is not working....

I have used UBL for last 4 years and been very happy with it. I live in US so paying my utility bills in Pak and transferring funds has been a breeze. I would absolutely recommend it.

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I have used UBL for last 4 years and been very happy with it. I live in US so paying my utility bills in Pak and transferring funds has been a breeze. I would absolutely recommend it.

That’s interesting. Could you please shed some light on your procedure that how you do it and how you manage it first time?

There must be some procedure to start it and you must be here in Pakistan, in their branch with bunch of papers and attested CNIC copies and what-not to start the procedure of paying bills with online banking?

Please tell us how you started and now how you manage it now? I know, I can call UBL to ask from them. But I do not believe a single word any Pakistani bank says. Big time liars. Therefore, it will be more reliable if I hear from a customer. :)

i use bank al habib . online banking.

i am 17 year old... 1 year to go...

I am using UBL Net Banking from years and its amazing

Meezan Internet Banking is Also fine !!

What You Say on It ?