Neoclue and the pro-WP-democracy gang

Neoclue has had tussles with some of us before and is now inciting others to do the same. His petty attitude is damaging to the forum's reputation. plus, the forum's limitations have started bugging other older members too.

I cleaned up the suggestions thread last night which was being used as the member-to-member discussion thread. Relevant posts by iconsourcing and other members were left as is but a few other members including Neoclue have started the crap again. I think tolerating Neoclue any further will be detrimental to the forum.

Any unified strategy to deal with this and what is the status on the possible porting to IPB or vB?

Neoclue is a pain in the ass. He contributes next to nothing and is really just a nuisance. I've been looking for a reason to ban him but unless we make a rule where we can ban members arbitrarily for being annoying, I'm afraid he'll stick around. Possible solutions could include sending him a couple warning emails for disruptive posts and then banning him if he continues. kamran1x1 is on the same boat as neoclue, though he's not as big of a douchebag.

As for the forum software switching business...I've just given up on that! :P