Need your Suggestion in Buying Tablet PC

Dear Friends

I have received an email from Symbiospk. they are selling a chinese version of ipad worth 16999/-

please check the link

I am interested in buying this product but could any body please suggest me that is it worth buying this product for 16999/-?????

If any of my friend on this forum can help me in buying this type of Pc price lesser than SymbiosPk is offering then please let me know

Also let me know your feedback regarding this product if any one has already used it


Zeeshan Ali

Generally buying second rate Chinese rip-offs are a bad idea. It might stop working in a week and then you won't be able to do anything about it. 17K down the drain.

On a side note: Posting your email address on a public forum in its proper textual form is also a bad idea. Lots of spammers crawling around looking for genuine emails to spam! [Editing your post to sanitize it of your contact info!]

Dear Moderator thanks for your suggestion

actually this is my 1st post so i will be careful in future



I would strongly recommend against buying any such chinese rip offs. For once your paying way too much money for some thing which have very little functionality to begin with. I have read about several such chinese products running on Windows. For beginners they are heavy, battery only lasts for 1 hour MAX last but not least quality is pathetic. Spending 17,000 rupees on such products is useless unless you want to own a expensive paper weight. Do not buy it as you will regret your decision later on. Go for the real thing if your really interested.

Personally I find iPad in its current form highly unpractical, Steve says its some where between a laptop and a netbook honestly I do not want to spend 60,000 Rs on some thing which can not even do multitasking or support flash, so much for the web experience.

I am a owner of several Apple products and have been using them for a decade even then I am suggesting that buying iPad now is not a decision in your best interest.

^It'll get multitasking with iPhone OS 4.0.

You can get Android-based tablets in the range of $200 (like Archos Home 7 Tablet), and there are a bunch more coming. Don't waste Rs.17k on ripoffs.

^Yes it will, currently jailbroken ones are already running Mutliflow which is enabling iPads to do multitasking but it will be officially supported in OS 4.0, yet some how I wont prefer iPad over Netbooks.

Hey Osman & others

Where Can i get Archos Based Tablets 7"or 8" in Karachi

any ideas ?

my requirements are simple, I need a multimedia based device to which I can enjoy Movies on my bed and used internet through Wifi

so do you have any good suggestions for me ?

Ipad is quite expensive , the chinese one is a rip-off so what should i do now?

Please suggest


How about u get a cheap (used) P4 laptop. Just make sure it has a good display. IT will save you alot of money and it gives good performance. Actually I think it will give you better performance then an Atom

I agree with Zasha, Zeeshan all these tablets and multimedia devices are way too over rated. Instead of wasting your money on such junk its far better to buy a actual fully functional laptop/Netbook.

By the way Zasha hope your not trying to sell your own laptop to Zeeshan LOL.

Yar I am already having 2 Laptops One is Sony Vaio VGN-FS315M and other is Toshiba Portege

actually i am looking for multimedia device which i already provided the details

So friends please suggest if you have anything to comment

Also I am using Samsung Star ( without Wifi) but it has limited format for videos available 3GP is quite pathetic in video result and all mp4 formats are not supported in that mobile phone

is there any way i can play more formats in smasung Star ... i mean any software available to run more formats in Samsung Star

any idea mates?



^Sorry, never been to Karachi in my life. But I don't think any tablets will be easily available in Pakistan except for big brands like Sony/Samsung who have their own outlets. My advice is to wait, there are lots of companies that are currently designing tablets, you'll find one that suits your needs and has a reasonable price. The Archos 7 didn't get favourable reviews. Huawei, a somewhat reputable Chinese company made a tablet with 1Ghz snapdragon processor and Android OS that got favourable reviews. ARM says over 50 companies have ordered processors from them for tablets. HP, Dell, ASUS, Samsung have all building tablets.

Samsung Star supports MP4. You'll have to fix the bit-rate/resolution etc. of the video to make it playable on the phone by converting it again.