Need Washing Machine Repaired in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Can anyone in Islamabad/Rawalpindi recommend an expert repair man/shop for automatic Hoover/Maytag American style 11 Kg capacity washing machine? Gearbox is noisy and tub shaft seal leaks/needs replacement.

Contact Friends on Fazl-e-Haq road and ask for company warranty/repair person for Hoover. They used to sell Hoover washing machines and fridges long time back so they know about repair guys for it.

if you were in karachi, i should have asked my friend who do this work.

Asad: Thank you for the tip. I went to Friends Corp. today, got the contact details and called their repair man (Tahseen) to see the machine. Will let you know how it works out.

Kamran: Thank you for the offer of help in Karachi. Can you share the name/phone number of your friend in Karachi as I may need some parts which are not available in Islamabad but could be available in Karachi. For example I had a rubber shaft seal made for a similar machine in the 1990's when I lived in Karachi but that repair man migrated to the Gulf many years ago.