Need Urgent Suggestions about buying an ADSL Wireless Router

Hello Guys.

I need your opinion on buying an ADSL Wireless Router. I already have got installed a LinkDotNet DSL line but dont have a modem yet. :). The story behind that is that I had to buy a 3com router (on the same day i was expecting the LinkDotNet technician to come) from someone i met at OLX but when i went to meet him at the agreed time the guy had left his office for some "urgent" work! I was so pissed off! He didnt even tell me beforehand even though i had called him 1 hour before and confirmed. :(. So the technician came and now I do have an "activated" DSL line but no modem to use it! Since i had opted for the no modem connection which is for Rs. 735 instead of Rs. 895 with modem :(. Anyway, I am considering these products:

-Thomson TG585 - Its an imported modem from UK - the guy is selling it for Rs. 2,500.

-MSI RG6 - for Rs. 1,500

Also can someone please tell me risks associated with buying imported routers? Are they locked to a specific network? And if yes, can they be unlocked easily? Which one of the two do you recommend? Thanks.

The very important thing to note in a modem is, what is the "lowest SNR" at which the DSL will remain stable. You may read this,8152.0.html and this might cofuse you,8277.0.html

You may also consider the following two:

D-Link DSL-2640U


TP-Link TD-W8901G

These both available in Market and I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed with any of them

@ Yousaf

It seems that the Thomson TG585 one is mentioned as having low SNR values in the post you gave. Btw I am not a gamer so i don't think latency or high ping issues would be a problem for me that much. Right?

@ Zeshan

Don't wanna spend that much money. Looking for a used one. Those two are above 3.5k.

Oops my mistake MSI RG6 is not an ADSL Router. Is 3com a good router company? A guy is also selling me that.

It not that way, a modem should hold onto the connection even at low SNR if Thomson TG585 does that than you should buy it. High ping and high latency is issue for everyone. A very high latency can make your browsing horribly slow.

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"There is the issue of latency, the time it takes for the signal to get up to the satellite and back. It means that voice services aren't very good and video can also be difficult," he said.

Hmmmm. So something that requires a "constant" connection requires good latency. Let's see. DSL is installed on my phone line. Will buy 3com or Thomson tomorrow (whichever is cheaper) and will test it out by voice calling.

You can't test a modem in a day or two, that is why you have to read the forums. Well good latecny doesn't always mean stable connection. Your connection should stable on one hand and should have low latency.

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I have bought a used TP-Link TD-W8901G as suggested by Zeshan. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. LinkDotNet is working fine on it. Albeit a bit slow at the moment.

what are your stats.

I read the sticky post about SNR and line attenuation just about a minute ago. :). So now i understand what were you talking about in the earlier post. Thanks. My stats are:

Downstream Upstream

SNR Margin : 26.0 30.0 db

Line Attenuation : 35.0 22.0 db

Data Rate : 1056 288 kbps

Browsing speed was a bit slow at around 11PM. Now its better at 1:45 am. Although sometimes websites do get "stuck" while loading. Average download speed is 85k but it went upto 98k once. Speedtest results:

1050434193.png results:


Ping to


Any other stats I should be checking out? Thanks for doing this, much appreciated.