Need urgent help regarding BA Fine Arts Punjab University

Hi guys, i am unable to find any syllabus or exam pattern of Punjab University Fine Arts BA Optional Subject. I have visited some famous book stores in isb / rwp but did'nt find any guideline. can some one tell me some academy from where i can get help.

Hi, number of websites are available on the interest by surfing them you can find the exam pattern. Just go to the search engine and search to find out the pattern. Whether you want to educate yourself for your own pleasure or to add a string to your bow in your CV, there are ways to learn new skills without spending too much money. If you are an adult student, school authorities, art or painting schools when normally students learn about paintings with acrylics guts(.)pk/shop/category/art-supplies/acrylics/ etc and societies offer adult learning opportunities at several local schools and colleges. Many universities and colleges offer you to participate in courses as a day student, ideal for those who are reluctant to engage in long-term studies. If you are not sure which course is right for you, it could save you money. Contact the teacher of the course you are interested in and ask if you can follow the course as an auditor. You could get a free education if there are still places available. Find out if the lectures are recorded and published on the school website. If necessary, you could take the lessons without occupying a seat in the classroom. Anyways, thanks for sharing the nice piece of stuff with us.