Need to send money through western union! Help

though i have received money several times via western union but all of the time i visit the nearest branch to my home of alfalah or silkbank to receive funds.

Now i need to pay some amount to the seller who's in USA and the seller only wants to get paid by WU.

I have visited almost all the banks, Pakistan post office branches and most of the money exchange companies and they all say that they can only receive funds...

I couldn't find WU branch or office in Karachi. Can we send payment through WU from Pakistan? If yes, How? I live in Bahadurabad, Karachi. Can anyone guide me to their office?

Seller is desperate to receive funds and I need to pay him urgently.

Help please.

I can send that Cash on your behalf. You can deposit in my account in Pk

there are 2 i know which i used to send money one is near sindh assembly same road many travel agency on the right side there is 1 western union they send and receive and one in hydrie north nazimabad burhan circle known as Zarco westernunion

why don't you send through moneygram much easier and many branches

AFAIK Zarco exchange is the only company authorized to send WU payments in Pakistan. They have lots of branches. Look up their website for contact details. BTW please let us know what you were charged for sending money abroad. This would be of immense interest to members of this forum. Thank yo.