Need To Install A 6.5Kw Inductive Hob/Stove

ASA, So as you all know winter has arrived and in Karachi winter
means gas load-shedding. That means no roti, no chai, nothing.
For stop-gap measure, when you really need to cook something
and gas is not available (and you don’t want ruin your stove with
cylinder gas) you may turn to inductive cooking stoves (which btw
are fast running out of the local market here).

But these inductive (produce electricity by means of a magnet
producing EMF and heating the pan’s metal) stove tops require
a good chunk of electricity, like 6000-9000 watts!

Power = Voltage x Current
Current = Power / Voltage

6500 watts / 240V = 27 Amperes!

Can a 7/29 wire and a BOSCH three pin power switch with a
13A rating, handle this much current ?. I think… NOT.

So what to do ?. Youtube videos talking about a “dedicated line”
with a “power switch” with a 45A breaker at the DB. Should I take
out the 13A switch plate and replace it with a higher rated switch
and put a 45A Hager breaker at the DB backend ?. Would that
do the trick ?. Or do I put in a 6mm line, as they suggest in the
videos ?.

The shopkeeper said, “AC kee line kaafi hai”. Looking at his
disposition, I am wary of taking his nonchalance advice. Call me
crazy, but I need an opinion of someone who knows what the
#$@! they are talking about. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards and thanks in advance,
Sheikh ‘Roti Beylan At The Ready’ Chilli

If you replace only wall switch and breaker, the 7/29 wire between the wall switch and breaker will definately burn out.

A 6 mm cable can handle upto 41 amps at 30°C single phase according to page 9 Table 4D1A in Pakistan Cables Ltd. General Wiring Catalogue (rating of 6 mm will still be OK for 27 amp load when derated for 45°C in summer). On the other hand, a 4 mm cable can handle 32 amp at 30°C but only 25 amp at 45°C, so overloaded if using 4 mm cable.

You can check Pakistan Cables rating by searching for “pakistan cables gwc2014”.

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