Need to find a reliable store to get my iPod touch fixed

I recently dropped my iPod touch and now it's playing music on the external speaker and the headphones at the same time even when the headphones are plugged in (much to the annoyance of the other members in my gym). I tried resetting it and restoring it, but to no avail.

Now the method to solve the problem is extremely easy, I just have to get the external speakers disconnected as they are totally worthless anyway, the sound is extremely low. But the problem is I will have to get my iPod opened, and I am worried that any regular corner-of-the-street mobile repair shop is going to fix this problem but produce another major problem of a much larger scale.

So do you guys have any recommendations on where I can go to get this simple yet annoying problem fixed? I was thinking the official Apple shop in Zamzama but I am sure they are going to charge 10x the money than it is worth (but atleast I'll be sure they wont screw anything else up) is the Apple store the only place to go, or do you guys know of any other reliable shops that wont be as heavy on the pockets, but will be safe. Thanks in advance