Need to buy laptop

Looking to buy laptop budget is around 20k to max 50k any suggestion?

May I ask what will you use the laptop for ? any brand preference ?

Just for assignments and sime fkash and faceboik games

damn.. billa badmash? lol


Any suggestion?

Almost all Laptops can be purchased in the range of 20-50k!!!

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damn.. billa badmash? lol


Me too like Billa as well as "Badmash"

Wasey, I find surprising that we could not offer him some suggestions.

My suggestion is - fixe few parameters i.e. RAM (May be 4 or 8 GB), i5, 1 Tetrabite disk - that should be ok. Go to market and get cheapest availble with these specifications. In brands .. I suggest HP.

No that is not it.. I actually know some one who used to have this nick on IRC. He was also from pindi and I haven't seen him in years. So I thought it was him.

Does any one have the idea about the LENOVO Laptop prices????

4th Generation laptops