Need to buy Digital camera, Help me?

My admin manager wants to buy a camera for his friend in Shikarpur who wants to use it for weddings and parties there, This is what he wants:

Price: 12K-26K

MP: 10 - above

Zoom: 4x - above

Flash: atleast 10 Meters

Occasions: Wedding, Parties, Mostly night time

Image Stabilization Must

I found the camera Sony H20 to be a great camera, but its wide zoom lens are too small, but I think its good for the price, but I want your opinion first, if there are other cameras cheaper, and better in your locality (Preferably Karachi, Lahore) please don't hesitate to post it.

Oh yeah what do you think of this camera. Has anyone tried it, and is the price ok or too steep.

aaa goto flickr camera finder and check amazing cameras and results to


What you're looking for is a point-and-shoot camera.

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aaa goto flickr camera finder and check amazing cameras and results to

I did, but the prices over here are very different than the ones displayed. Also new cameras usually don’t show up until a few months later. The top cameras in the bunch are too expensive and are not according to the requirement.

Also the Sony H20 doesn’t show in Flickr.

What ever you buy never buy a cheap chinese camera. Always go with a good brand name camera even if you have to go with a lower megapixel.

First check specification than buy

My admin manager sold his previous camera and wants to buy a new one AGAIN!!!

Range: Rs.25K-30K

Brands: Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Sony

MP: 10+

Zoom: 10x +

Plz suggest

go for canon they have a good line of cams and they are of high quality and very reliable

^Model plz,

Please check requirement in post 10.

Much appreciated!!

Well, my admin manager finally bought a Panasonic FZ35 for Rs32000 from the US.

Its awesome

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First check specification than buy

X2 you can search it from the camera search menu. Also you may try their forums

Finding a camera is easy, its the availability and price here that matters most.

^I opened a thread few months ago, also asking for advice on digital cameras but then I decided to wait until next year when some relative goes to US and I'd get it through them from BestBuy etc. There is about a 30-40% price difference and very few cameras are available here, most of them outdated.

X2 they just sell the crap here in Pakistan. For best camera deals you need to buy either from US/Europe or buy them from Japan.

The price isn't just 30-40%

I bought a Panasonic FS3 for Rs10500 from the UK last Christmas. Over here the same Camera cost about Rs21900.

So you can see the difference, also they don't sell you the warranty claims here. I bought a sony cam, it was unable to read card larger than 16mb when I returned it to sony warranty claim they just said that it was reading a 16mb card. How stupid they are. :( I got it replaced through the shop finally.

brother sony w120 is best for u

12.1 MP

zoom 4x

2gb memory free with camera

made in japan

price about 18k to 20k

i have canon sd3500is its 14 mega pixel with wide angle 24mm lens.. zoom 5X

can take over all the settings in the programmed mode.other modes also available such as miniatre effect, fish eye, low light, fireworks, portrait, macro

3 inch touch screen!! with 4gb SDHC card

with 720p hd video recording!!

25800 price call 03008477333 or email (preffered)