Need suggestions

I'm looking for a mid tier laptop, not too high end but not basic Dell/HP plastic laptops either. Range could be anywhere between 70000 and 90000. I'm mainly looking for sturdy build quality, a good processor, a backlit keyboard and it must have no heat issues. I've looked at some Vaio laptops which seem to fall in this category, please suggest others too (must be available in Pakistan).

This one here seems like a pretty sweet deal, any owners out here?

In that price range (90K), one should aim for i7 Gen 2. IIRC, the i5 in that laptop you linked is from the first generation.

On that note, I wonder which is the best current laptop deal from HP/Dell locally for a NIB product in the 80-90K range. Criteria could be specifications and/or looks, etc. These two seem good according to budget range:

HP DV6-6113TX (PKR77990) :

HP DV6-6107TX (PKR89990) :

Yeah I realised that XPS didn't have a second generation processor, and the upgrade to that seems to be the XPS L502x: This one has a second gen i5, reasonably priced too. But what's annoying is there seems to be no optional items here, like a backlit keyboard or a full HD screen.

Another laptop that should fall in this price range and ticks all the boxes is the Toshiba Satellite A665 series, but I can't seem to find it locally. I don't mind getting one from abroad, but the last time I did that I had warranty issues and had to go through a lot of hassle. Pakistan's laptop market is pretty limited it seems, much like the local car market.

Also I don't want to go for pure power, I'm just as happy with a second gen i5 as an i7. I'd much rather be paying for a better build quality (no plastic boxes like inspirons) than for a faster processor.