Need Suggestions!

A.A! I know this may have been discussed here before but I need urgent suggestions. I m planning to buy a wireless phone.Reason to buy is to reduce ptcl landline bill because wireless is prepaid whereas landline is post paid. I m not much concerned about call rates and line rent. As mentioned earlier I just want a pre paid billing system. So Worldcall Wireless is worth to buy or Ptcl Vfone? Which one has better network?

Worldcall wireless better than PTCL Vfone. I dont have boht of them but some in family and friends have worldcall and they happy.


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Well… No one in the family has gocdma. Only Worldcall or vfone.

buy the vfone

vfone internet sux badly in matter of speed at night and latency is all time pooor

yup dudie, DONT GO for vptcl if you're gonna use it for internet connectivity. the ~8Rs/hour charges are alot! (lookin at the download speed users get for those 8 rs).

Dont go for GOcdma (bad customer support, bad coverage outside cantt areas)

try to stay with a cullular connection.

Almost everybody in my family is communicates through cell phones caz its more affordable (like if all of the family members have ufone connections, you can add all of them in FnF list and call on cheapest rates etc, zong offers 10FnF members in their 'free package' so can go for that also)

My vote is for World Call

if you are in cdma mode

i suggest you

go for worldcall wireless fantastic call rates and postpaid offers and also better quality internet speed with maximum 15kbps

Vptcl is crap and expensive rates