Need suggestion regarding motherboard!

What motherboard is good for intel core i3 2100 ? ASUS P8H61-M LE or Intel DH67CL keeping everything in mind.Or any other board which you guys will recommend to me.

ASUS is good in making of Motherboards

Using it with DB65AL. Works quite well but trouble with wireless PCI card. PC needs to be rebooted for the wireless PCI card to work.

Try ASUS, it wont disappoint u

Hmm thanks for the comments.. lemme wait for more PRO comments :P

Of those two, the 67CL is definitely better. 2 or 3 Asus ones have come for repair till now, they all had hardware failure issues, while a friend bought the Intel one in march, he's pretty happy with it.

Besides, the slightly better hardware in the 67CL is a + too.

So if you're not into OCing, get the 67CL, otherwise get another Asus mobo, don't get this one, you'll be taking a risk.

koder, you also have another choice, the MSi PH67A-C43 (B3), It is an excellent motherboard with great features:

more info here:

It is available from astrontech in pakistan here:

It has usb 3.0 support, THX TruStudio PRO, SATA 6Gb/s and msi stability.

thanks for replies.. i'll be checking out these soon

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thanks for replies… i’ll be checking out these soon


asus gives you more features with less reliability in same budget as compared to Intel. its same like that u can have core i7 dell laptop in budget of core i3 vaio…

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ASUS is good in making of Motherboards


Well can i know as why not to prefer Intel instead of Ausus… ?

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Well can i know as why not to prefer Intel instead of Ausus… ?


I’ll not prefer Asus until I don’t get required board in Intel, like Asus made a board in micro ATX size with sli and cross fire ready.