Need suggestion regarding good soldering for mobile repair

Hi Guys,
Hope you all are doing well. I am currently using Goot 40w or 60w (don’t remember exactly) soldering iron but I have noticed that it seems getting too hot as its tip turns purple black and won’t accept solder until I turn if off, rub its tip and reapply solder. I know carbon normally forms on tip but its happening to often, like every 5-10 minutes. Also as now a days electronics items are usually small and SMD type so this iron is big for this task and I feel too much difficulty fixing things like mobile, gadmei tv tuner device etc…
So please suggest me a best soldering iron for smd work. It should be small and robust. I have seen some irons with temp control, are these good enough?

Thanks in advance.

Simplest solution is to use a fan dimmer (light dimmer) switch in an outlet box in series with the soldering iron to reduce the voltage (and hence the heating) of your soldering iron. This should cost about Rs 200 and will let you adjust the temperature of the iron using the dimmer even for SMD work. It works great and can be done in 1/2 hour.

If you want to buy a new thermostatically controlled iron for SMD work, then get 20-30 watt iron with fine chisel point tip and set temperature to 330°C.

If you need to solder immediately, just unplug the iron when it gets hot enough (to prevent it from overheating) and replug when it needs to heat up, then repeat this cycle as needed.

Thanks @AIF bro, Basically I need a point iron as current iron is way too big to handle smd components. I visited hall road lahore but was confused to see vast variety of soldering irons. So if you can please name some micro soldering irons then it would be great.

Oxidation causes the purplish hue on tip. Use soft brass wool and moistened foam, etc to clean tip before use while iron is hot.

You may search for SMD tips for this same iron if available in market… Alternatively, cheap temperature controlled irons are available for SMD soldering but their quality is very low.

Thanks for the tips. Please mention name of few good micro soldering irons as current iron is heavy to hold for small tasks.
Goot should be fine in micro soldering irons? or investing a soldering station (iron+heat gun) is good idea?

Plenty of cheap clones available in market.

So its ok to have a clone?

Depends on use.

Hobbyist use for mobiles and smd repair… kindly suggest a good and cheap brand as open statements are more confusing.

Generic clone brands names change frequently. Just go to market and ask shopkeepers for recommendation and which one is easier to repair and if there is availability of spare parts. Check availability of soldering tips and variety for recommended systems.

Else, if interested in higher quality long lasting but expensive soldering stations, Hakko, Weller, JBC, Metcal, etc amongst numerous others are all well-reputed brands. Hakko (original) will be cheaper than the other three but still much more expensive than clones. Also consider used soldering stations which might be cheaper.

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Thanks for the suggestion Asad bro, Its all what I wanted to know. Will visit hall road soon and check for the said brands and will be looking to find a micro iron which could be similar to the attached image.