Need Suggestion for

Guys i think you know about this advertise company.

I also wanna join it but i have read some bad comments about it that they install viruses or trojans on user pc but it is true that they pay much than other advertisers.

So plz if guys you know about it or anyone using it as publisher then plz share your ideas about it,

Can we use adsense and zango together ?

What type of sites they approve for publisher account ?

Are they install viruses or spyware on user pc ?

Is is safe to use zango publisher ?

Do they pay much that other advertisers ?

I looking for you suggestion and ideas, Thanks

lol Zangocash is anal when it comes to adware.Many isps have blocked the whole domain.

So it means zango is nightmare ? hmm i also think so

Plz tell me any good advertiser that i use as a publisher for good earnings, what about widgetbucks ?

1) Adsense... Highest payouts till to date.

2) ... If adsense bumps you off.. try this one.. best alternate to adsense

3) ... unlike paying on clicks and impression.. these guys pay you upfront in advance.. if have a website with moderate amounts of traffic u can easily earn 60-100 $... best thing abt them is that they dont put out banner ads or text units.. just 4-5 simple links anywhere on ur page.. which doesnt take space.. doesnt look ugly.. its like free $100 permonth :P

4) ... never used it but heard its good -- downside u need atleast 10k page views permonth to start earnin..not good if ur just stating out

5) ... they are not as strict as adsense.. again u need atleast 10k page views permonth

There are a lot of members here earning through internet..they might be able to guide you better :)

there must be some requirements for

Thanks devnull for your help full reply, i am using adsense with cpx but cpx in these days is not worth to use, so i am searching cpx alternative, what you think about widgetbucks ?

dunno abt ztmc having requirements... cuz they contacted us :P..


Dunno abt widgetbucks , if cpx is not workin out for you then u shld try widgetbucks and see wht happens.