Need suggestion for purchasing a bike

I want to buy a bike Honda CD-70 for my brothers. What are the recommendations, 2nd hand is better or brand new? Some people say to purchase 2nd hand which are quite low prices and if there is some problem feel in 2nd hand bike, just spend some amount and bike would be like new....................

I am confused what should I do. The amount I have for 2nd hand bike and for first and, i would have to get some amount of loan from my friends.

^then get a second hand bike. But be sure it is 2nd hand not 3rd or 4th. Any model from 2004 or before would do fine. Getting a used bike and spending few dimes on it would be better than to buy new crap motorcycles.

And it would be in your budget, i'm strictly against borrowing money from others, thats not a good thing to do.

My own bike is from 2003 and i've renewed every thing and it works fine.

Personally I think you should start out with a used bike for your first purchase and save the new bike purchase for after you have a little experience. Newbies tend to be hard on the clutch and the starter; your chances of having an accident are a lot higher when you're a beginner; and you even have to learn the right way to park, especially on hills, gravel or dirt (bike will tip over if you don't do it right), or on a busy city street. well don't know what is CD70? i used to ride 125cc :lol: