Need Suggestion about laptop buying

AOA everybody,

I want suggestions to buy a laptop. Need it for my office work. Not too much heavy but casual office work.

please let me know which brand is good, dell, hp, sony, asus, acer.

Which type of specs it should be for casual work. my budget is about 35K. it will be highly appreciated if you suggest me with model numbers.

Thanks and regards.

* Random Laptop Rant...

almost every laptop inside is exactly the same.. all hard drives come from Toshiba, WD and Seagate, since hitachi is now sold.. all processors are either Intel or AMD, all motherboards are Foxconn. all rams are hynix, Micron, Samsung or kingston mostly, majority of screens are from 1-2 major manufactures... the optical drives are toshiba, hitachi or Teac.. all batteries and chargers are china made at standard spec.... infact in many scenarios, the only thing a brand does is just package these components into a casing and sell..90% of times the brand has no contribution in manufacturing process at all..

the best bet is to find a laptop whic looks good to you and has a good screen which is comfortable to your eyes... the only major component that really matters are the the Ram which should be minimum 4GB and the GPU, which should be a powerful one if you are into gaming, but since you need it for office work mainly, you wont need that

increase your buget around 7-8k, and you could have a lot more choices.. you dont buy a laptop every 6 months, so invest once onto a better one which looks and feels good..every laptop made in past 2 years is extremely powerful enough to do any office task you want at excellent performance, so you should focus more on features and accessory options instead of core specs, which really dont matter for office usage..

* /Random Laptop Rant...

I bought Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH502 for 35k. Its specs were tinsy bitsy low when you compare it with other laptops of same price, but it said made in germany that why i bought it. It is bit bulky but the its body doesn't feel cheap. Doesn't heat up and has a good track-pad.

You can also look into Lenovo Essential B590. Build quality of Lenovo laptops are also good as compared to dell or hp at this price range.

you can take a peek at them from above website.

i am agree with farhan_ds

and avoid buying from czone i don't know whether this C stands crap or computer i once buy from them they delivered me damaged item and it had clear smudges it was used

@mayor. never had that experience from czone, or maybe i wasn't careful enough to inspect the item, i think i need to be careful next time :blink:

I will also suggest you Lenovo laptop becouse i am using Lenovo B570 From Last 1 Year and its an awesome exprience. Check this one with 3rd genration ci3 Processor

does lenovo computers comes with universe warranty or worldwide warranty maybe?

Thanks everybody for the valuable information. My eyesight is very weak about -30, as farhan_ds suggested i need a laptop whose screen must be comfortable for my eyes and ultra sharp so i can read easily.

in few days i am going to uae, what do u suggest should i buy one from there. i think i can find little cheaper than Pakistan


^ In that case, toshiba for Durability, Sony for good screen.. and HP DV series for overall good laptop,.