Need Stereo System Help

i want to buy a simple amp and stereo speakers. i am inclined towards the 90's trend of those big floor standing speakers which had 5-6 speakers per unit for different frequencies.

so i was wondering if that jackson market in kemari still has those cheap used systems that used to come from abroad.. anybody got idea of any cheap place for it..?

Yes. Jackson Market is still going strong. It is not the cheapest, but you

can get brands that are not available in the regular markets anymore and

sometimes you can luck out on a good piece.

Stuff you seem to be interested in, AKAI/KENWOOD/Technics/etc life-

size speakers and monstrous amps are available there.




Sheikh 'Long John' Chilli

i went to jackson today.. they have old 3-way speakers but they dont carry those 6-way larger stuff.. you are right about the prices.. one really needs to spend time to find a decent deal..

any other thoughts?

i would also suggest saddar regal market. look in the streets beside co-operative market and there are quite a few shops selling amps and speakers for your requirement

i skimmed though cooperative market.. they dont seem to carry anything useful as such.. any audiophile grade shops around?

what about Desert Sound?

where is it?

ul need them custom made coz ppl around here dont really go for those kind of speakers. Though i myself prefer such style n quality ;)