Need some information

hi frndz i want to khnow that is there any problum with ptcl speed now days??? bec i m facing some problum with ptcl.

Reset your modem on factory setting and then make new connection with advance settings. and also try to reinstall your windows. you problem will solved inshallah

Post your stats. On shiro it's like this

1.type in your browser's address bar. Hit enter.

2.type admin in both username and password

3. select "status" and then "modem status"

4. Copy the data and paste here.

Line Mode ADSL2+ Line State Show Time

Line Up Time Duration 00:17:09:35 System Up Time 00:17:10:02

Line Downstream Rate 4095 Line Upstream Rate 1021

Latency Type Fast Line Coding Trellis On

Noise Margin 32.1 Line Attenuation 16.5

Output power 12.4 Attainable Line Rate 23148

Line Up Count 1 Status No Defect

Your line and modem status is fantastic. only do what i tell you. nothing more is solution for you.