Need software to download BBC Urdu Audios - Serbeen and Jahan Numa

Guys can anyone give me sofftware or procedure to download BBC Urdu Audios like

serabeen and Jahan Numa ?

download the *.ram file, open it in notepad, you will see a link ending with *.rm download that using any download manager

or you could simply listen to the audio stream and then search for it in your temp cache folder

I have had used a software Replay AV to record BBC Urdu audios and it worked very well. I am not using it any more since I formatted my hard drive last year. I think you can easily find that on torrents or rapidshare.

Thanks i figured out how to download the audios and videos, but is it possible to listen to

programmes in back dates ? Like is it possible to listen to serabeen of 15 days back ?

I dont think so because they automatically update the URL with latest available news.

BTW what software are you using for downloading audios and videos?

i simply download the asx or ram file and search for a wma or rm file link