Need review of inverex apt 2kva and 2kw pure sine wave pwm solar ups

Anyone using inverex apt 2kva and 2kw pure sine wave.?
Seems very good 16500 for 2kva 2kw unity pf pwm 24 volt model.

Below pics are of 1kw models.
Any idea if it’s real and good thing?

Catalog-Inside-AXPERT-II.pdf (1.5 MB)
I found it’s specs sheet is it any good?
Would it be possible to wire up three panels of 150 watt in series of 12 volts each and the parallel these three with another string of the series. Six panels of 150 watts each .

Alternatively would a three parallel connections each consisting of two series 24 volt 215watt panels be ok for this ups?

u sent the wrong PDF , its about vm2 (which i m using in 5KW) and u r asking suggestion about different model bro .

it depends that what are the specs of your solar panels ?
their back sticker would help me to calculate .

Nadeem Ahmed

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My bad.New Axpert VP-1K-2K DM-20170221.pdf (857.0 KB)

Here it is correct one. Seems very sweet if one is using 24 volt batteries and panels? 1200 watt solar panels can be connected to it. Unity pf. 2000watt.