Need New Connection information

i have switched my home now there is no ptcl infrastructure in my own society. I have applied for ptcl connection but they have send my requesting in pending. I have talked to lineman he said he will took 2000 RS and can arrange a connection for me for both (dsl+landline) from a neighbouring society. My question is that will there be an issues or problems of connectivity when he will give me a connection from a pole which is around 300 feet apart?


If it is only 300 feet then there will be no problem, But I'm afraid that is the only option you have... If you need DSL otherwise you can go for eVo, Witribe and bla bla bla

As you mentioned that Ptcl has put your application in pending pol, that clearly means that in future if a problem occurs (and it will) and line man is not in good mood, PTCL will not entertain, as you are out of coverage are, and and and...i will sugest NOT to go for Ptcl. Try finding WiMax with good signals/modulation

yes i have bought qubee and its working perfectly fine.. there where speed issues with witribe in some areas of Karachi. Qubee is maintaining their services while witribe is only interested in deploying their new connections rather than focusing on their current maintenance.