Need info. On Smart TV

I just got a call from ptcl and they said they are offering the service for rs.126/month..Do we have to pay for the device too? Or, it's free?


must be fake!

If you buy setup box then u hv to pay 300 rs on other hand 174 line rent will be waived so it cost u 126 rs per month

when I contaced them they said they offer it for Rs 126.

but u hv to buy set up box for 9995

how many channels on smart tv? I can only see a few unimpressive ones on their website? surely they should offer some better channels as an incentive for people to buy?

im amazed if 126 is the cost :o

fyi its not setup box ....its set top box...also called STB

costs 10K

you have two options either to buy it for 10K or pay 500Rs / month for 2 years! makes 12K so its upto u!

other than than 300/month is a must! + 174 tax + dsl thing! :D aint that cheap i guess!


dont know names but its over 120 now!

125 channels mostly all Pakistani channels.....

one more thing if u pay 500 per month for STB rent if u buy STB before 12 months they will charge rest amount according to 9995

and u can also use that STB i

f u change ur no or premises...

and if u buy stb box all u hv to pay is 840+300 plus tax and thats not big deal u get 125 channels and 1mb connection

840 rs for STB? or you mean if you change ur no then u have to pay those 840! ? I havnt gone thrugh this IPTV myself although I manage its traffic at large!

125channels are mostly very nice....pakistani and major english channels!.... less CD walay channels :P and bit less indian channels which I atleast dont watch! but the fact is most people (auntiyaan) do watch those (dhena dha dhum kind of stupid funy dramaZ) :P no moral values! better watch HD Discovery :) top gear :D i dont watch TV other than discovery HD ;)

i mean total cost if one got student net 1 mb then all cost is

840 for 1mb student pakcage

300 for smart tv

9995 for stb

no line rent on this line

other option

840 for 1 mb net

500 stb

300 for monthly charges

no line rent

if i paid installemnts for 11 months that 5500 and now want to buy stb


yeah thats fine! and correct!...verified :D

moreover if u change ur premesis or change ur no u can use that stb on other no and only what u has to pay is 300 and internet charges

the good thing about iptv is one can get all pakistani channels on it......indian crap can be seen through dish tv or other dth and all english channels are available on worldcall digital cable i hv all three :)

its real value of money if u get good snr values and are on onu

I am on ONU and get good SNR ("Allah nazar na lagae") . Do remind you, once you develop a fault.. your phone, internet and TV go all at once and believe me it's NOT easy to convince a lineman/dsl staff, at least not in my area :D.

i dont think so ...just pay few bucks to ur line man to keep him happy on eid and other ocassions etc...:) and hardly there is a chance of fault in ONU line...i am using internet since 1 and half year it works fine.....and m also using smart tv since few months and it works like charm...

"hardly there is a chance of fault in ONU line" - is it a coincidence? I heard these words in PTCL exchange as well. There is nothing perfect in the world. If the undersea fibers can cut (so called managed by all-so-perfect non-Pakistanis) .. you can imagine the faults developed in PTCL (who's track record is very perfect by the way - hats off to them).

But, next time - I ain't taking this risk anymore.

3 independent connections (for 3 different end-apps) have a far less probability of developing a fault at same time, than, a single connection. Now that's simple mathematics and I promise I haven't added the priori of PTCL :D.

PS: Your lineman point is absolutely right; but, there is a limit to what money can do (for everything else there's not ptcl :P)!

PSS: I am sure you would have a backup TV connection (analog cable, dish, etc.).

@ above

yes im on ONU since a year.....SNR 32 noise 12 ....GG line! never had a problem! getting smart line soon!

@ owais

sir the sea cable is far more prone than a fibre dug 5 feet in mud! if there is any ONU problem then it would be like a SEMEWE cable thing! :) lets c what happens after a year when F8-F11 will be on GPON!

@firecruz: Maybe if (good) people like you can come in my exchange, you can apply these near-perfect theories. Otherwise, I seriously think there is a force in heavens making PTCL work in my area.

I know ONU is good/best (somehow I did engineering). I am personally on it because the two nearest (copper) DPs of my home cant support DSL and I have to cover like double line length to be on ONU (as last option and I had to leave my 10+ yr old number to be on ONU). Now coming to ONU, if they dont care for the things (which they don't e.g. my DP is whole lot of nangi with a flood of wires around it, when it is only 1.5-2 years old) the situation after some years will become like bad/old copper.

PS: Don't forget the political elements in Karachi as well. Exchanges can't work without their jeeyalas :)

well owais the same politics scene is everywhere in PTCL!.... actually PTCL is in transition from that old sarkari nizam...i dont see the end of transition in next 10 years!

yes that uncovering actually effects the copper conductance in terms of dirt remains fine till one reattach it and then the contact aint perfect! bro would u like to share that how the wire from dp is going to your router? any joints dibiyaan, spliters distance etc!

PS. I wisih i cud even change this whole country in a snap but we can wish only!