Need info for Xbox 360 which one to buy?

as i am in dubai right now can someone guide me what is the best model to buy and is it better ti buy from dubai or karachi ? i guess there are 3 types of models also can someone update me the prices in karachi so i could compare here ?


if you want to play xbox live games then its better to have a bigger hard disk. BTW the 360 is much cheaper for its price and it has much more features including built in wifi

go for latest slim model if available there. also can u update price from there. here it is around 25 to 30 k. i don't know for sure

i got the Xbox elite 120 gb modified for 1035 dhs which is around 24500 pak rupees the Xbox 360 jasper without HD was 750 dhs modified and 850 dhs with 5 games