Need Info For Disk Image/Backup

Assalam Alikum All,

A few days ago i was chatting with a friend and then my windows started problem so i told him i need to reinstall windows as i get problems running it for few months and its so boring and timewaste to install windows and all the softwares again... so he told me that after installing you can create your C Drive Backup Image Of Freshly Installed Windows and save it on your HDD and write the image on DVD Also So When Ever You Feel That Your Windows Is Not Working Fine... Then Just Restore It From The Backup Image that u made and it will take few mins and you will restore the already install windows without installing new one... So after that he went offline and i forget to ask how do i do it ? So i m here asking the question here how can i create a Backup Image OF My C Drive ? And After Writing It On A Dvd As Burn Image How Will It Restore ?

Try Norton Ghost or acronics, they will solve ur query.

@Shiraz Thanks For Fast Reply But You Mention The Softwares Which Are Sharewares... Is There Any Freewares Softwares For The Purpose ?

not much help ?

make the shareware 'a freeware' using torrents ;)

I use Norton Ghost for this purpose. You also try it.

if u need a freeware software then use windows system restore or windows system image (Win 7 feature),