Need info about WC Wireless Connection

Hello all,

I have a couple of questions:

what are the connection charges for unlimited package for World Call Wireless connection?

what is the difference between Nokia and LG handsets?


Charges are 500 Rs monthly and 75 Rs line rent, so that makes it 575/month(without any phone call) in total. But you gonna have to give 1600Rs upfront for the postpaid package with 1500Rs refundable. Nokia hand set is an old CDMA set which has lower battery timings but smaller than the other Lg 3500 hundred phone which has more battery time and much powerful signal strength but of course downside is that it is a lot bigger in size so you can't put it in your pocket and walk around. If you specifically gonna use it for internet then go for LG.

Kratos24, thanks for the info.

Can I pay the upfront security deposit by check, instead of hard cash?

^yes you can, but i think it will take a little more time, you know for the processing of the check etc. But yeah they do have this option.

Don't you have dsl option in your area????

No, I don't have. I tell you an interested thing, my house is just in front of the ptcl telephone exchange, they have all the setup but have not started the service.

Actually I live in a back ward area of Karachi.

hmmm that is very unfortunate. coz ptcl is expanding their dsl service in new cities from 15th september. you never know maybe they also planning to go to you area too. so i think you should wait a bit. BUT if you have to choose b/w dialup and wc wireless then i am definitely gonna say go for wc wireless. it is a huge boost as compare to simple dialup.

yes that's right. But even if I have the DSL, I would like to have an alternative connection, because I work as a freelancer, and it is good to have a back up plan. Just in case dsl is down, I can use it. After all it is only Rs. 575 per month. What do you think?

then ok, you should get it coz its definitely gonna give you download speed of 17/18KB.

How is the WC wireless working for you know kratos24? I'm thinking about getting it, but isn't it meant to be Rs.5 for an hour or something. Whereas you stated 575 a month.

About download speed what is the average now? Would it depend n area and signal strength of course.

^well most of the time it should work ok. there are couple of other users of wc wireless on this forum, all are getting download speed of 15+.

and yeah its is 575. 500 Rs for unlimited connection plan (data family) and 75 is the line rent. so if you don't make any phone calls from your phone. the bill at the end of the month would be 575. prepaid internet rate is actually 6Rs/hour. but i am using postpaid package.


Thanks, I'll probably get it then.

kratos24 where are you from?

^well definitely not from any big city that is for sure.......i live near Lahore...

Telecom services are generally better in lahore than Rwp/Isb. Is the WC speed same for Islamabad. Any Info.

^From what i heard it is the same in whole Pakistan. if you have good signal strength then you'll be ok. My distance is around 4KM's from the tower and i use external antenna to boost signal strength and my speed is very good.

BUT. if u are thinking about getting WC then you may wanna wait a bit coz of the expanding dsl service of ptcl.

How much wait? Expanding where and how?

Is the WC download speed remain constant or vary?

If vary from where to where?

What about your torrent experience?

http downloads are around 16-20 with download manager. torrent is however not that good. depending on the ratio of seeders and leechers, the speed has a huge difference. for example if axxo has released a new movie and everyone is downloading that movie at piratebay or any other public tracker my speed will be 7/8, however if i download a torrent from a private tracker or if seeders are way more than the leechers then my download speed usually is around 13/14.


Why not you have gone for Wateen Wimax?

non availability, just vfone, ptcl dialup and wc wireless....

................and gprs of cellular services.

now they charging Rs.675/month due to more taxes on telecom companies