Need help!

HEllo guys, First of all, i would like to say, that i really didnt knew where to post this topic, cause it was confusing between three forum sections but nvm, if by mistaken i have posted in the wrong section, kindly move my post to the right section. thanks.

The Thing which i need help is , that due to our such great beloved countries power outages and loadshedding i am sick and tired of it, i have been banned through multiple online gamming platforms and games, and now that i am stucked with one only and the other ban will not be further removed untill 1 more month, i want to kill myself,as this is the only thing i do apart from being a musician and a student. So in order to get myself banned from the last one too, i have decided to go buy a UPS for my pc, but i dont know which one to buy, or which one is good, My pc takes upto 600-650+W load, kindly help me with this situation which my country has caused me, i will be very thankful. kindly enlist ups with prices in between Low - Mid , and minimum runtime of one hour thanks!

Get this one

some people here in this forum have written good things about this UPS

Can you please, list its price? :S

Goto the link mentioned below

it has price and details