Need help with Nokia Phoenix Software

Hello. I need some help with Nokia Phoenix software. I have a Nokia X2 and its screen brightness is too bright with the end result that battery life is very poor and it affects the eyes when viewing the cell phone in dark environments. Unfortunately there is no option in X2 to decrease its brightness. One of my friends told me to check out Nokia Phoenix software which allows a user to change advanced settings in Nokia phones. I checked it out and found that i can connect with a normal micro USB cable with it and perform usual functions such as checking phone info, talk time, production information under 'normal" mode of that software. However, when i try to operate it in "test" mode in order to make advanced changes (such as reducing the brightness) it gives me an error. Now i am guessing is that in order to use these testing functions i need to have some sort of a special cable. Does any body have an idea where i can get this special cable in Karachi? I really need to decrease its brightness otherwise the phone is useless for me and i am planning to sell it and also another interesting thing is that with this software you can turn off the lighting of the keypad if you don't want it and save some more battery life. Please help!! Thanks!

Oh good, I also want o know.

Sorry dude. I got rid of that pathetic cell phone. So did not research it further. But I do think there is a special cable that is used by the Service Centres and with that cable the phone works without the battery. The port for that cable is below the battery.