Need Help With Buying Speakers!


I'm planning to buy new speakers have visited these online sites provided in the forum. But couldn't really decide anything so wanting you guys help. I'm planning for 5.1 or a 7.1 Speaker system with solid bass. My budget is around 6 to 7k (i know its not that much thats why need you guys opinion. :P). And i m from Lahore so it will be a plus if you can also suggest a shop as well as a specific model ain't easy to find.

How about Inspire T7900? If anyone own them and can share his experience with them or should i go with logitech?

Just to offer my opinion. Don't go for a 5.1 or 7.1 system unless you actually plan on setting it up as surround sound. You'd be better off buying 2.1 speakers which'll also give you excellent bass. I have Logitech X-230. They're cheap and have excellent sound and bass.

I second the recommendation of Altec Lansing. Even their stereo speakers have awesome sound.

I compared an Altec Lansing and an Edifier. Don't remember their models but both were in the 2.5 to 3k range.

Both were bought at the same time. Edifier produced much better bass and loudness.

I'm not much into speakers but it gave me a point in deciding the better.

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Altec Lansing 5021 Never regretted buying it 2 years back for Rs. 6800

The best bang for the buck by far. They have better sound than stereos by Sony etc. in the 10-15K price range.


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The creative speakers at the same price aren’t even close.

Nobel offers a decent 5.1 for 9,000 I think. Check it out if you're not brand conscious, it'll surprise you. My Bose is still lying packed in the store :)

5.1 in 5 or 7 thousands, hmm, those cute little bunny speakers? :)

If you are an audioholic like me then get something that has loud-speaker, mid-speaker, low-base speaker, tweeter and also get a nice amp. I got Pioneer's speaker set (don't ask for price). They are original Japan made (I asked my friend to bring it when returning from trip). The sound from my computer goes into amp and then distributed to speakers. Yes sir, that's my personal desktop computer, not my media PC :D I admit, I am audioholic :lol:

Otherwise, any good manufacturer's small size good speaker will work. Usually speakers of that price range give somewhat similar sound output :) Even you want small desktop speakers, I shall suggest to get some good speakers (like original Sony).

Computer responses with monitor (sight sense) and speaker/audio (hearing sense). These are two most used outputs from a computer. Therefore, monitor and speakers should be good because we use them to get output from a computer. It's similar to have a good keyboard and mouse as that's the way we communicate with computer.

Good speakers let's your computer to communicate better with you. :) Good luck!

Fe-Aman Allah.

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Nobel offers a decent 5.1 for 9,000 I think. Check it out if you’re not brand conscious, it’ll surprise you. My Bose is still lying packed in the store :)

I second that. I have experienced with Nobel’s speakers with their audio system and I was amazed with it’s performance. It’s a very nice home theater system.

Fe-Aman Allah.

1st of all thanks all for very much handy responses..

Yeah Atlec Lansing's 5021 clicked me as well but i kept it aside for a while for not being surround. And wampyr your option is also in my mind already to going for an amp and speakers and might be a bass tube as well. I still gotta check whether used amps are either availble in market or not which has a dedicated output port for subwoofer. So if they are avilable i will go for it otherwise Altec Lansing! Will check the market till weekend!

But once again thanks :)