Need Help to download/play ps2 games on pc

Hello Everydody

1. Is anyone know that how to play ps2 game disc using epsx2 emulator on pc ,give in full deatail the complete process.

2. From where to download ps2 games free of cost which can be playable on pc?

3. Which screen resolution be selected?

4. how sound can be congiured ?

see this

First of all you need a very powerful computer to run ps2 games and secondly there are only a few ps2 games that will run on any pc so my advice to you is to buy a ps2 if you are this much desparate to play ps2 games.

Anyways this link could help you

^^^ tannu u cant do that and get even gud quality.........

like u cant ask a kutta to pull tonga.........

it will pull it but very slow.....

same case to play ps2 games on pc