Need help to change the timing of sleeping of kid

Hello friends;

We are worried about a problem with our first kid which age is 1.6years. Isay shoroo say problem hay k ye kem sota hay. Raat ko 1 ya 2 bejay isay neend aana shoroo hoti hay but sonay k 1hour baad hi uth jata hay phir lay k phirtay reho to phir neend aati hay. Subah 4-5bejay k baad say kuch gehri neend aana shoroo hoti hay jis ki weja say kid 10bejay tek sota rehta hay. Dopeher ko phir 1-2 hours so laita hay. is ki is routine ki weja say kaafi praishani hay kiyon hemen bhi jaagna perta hay. Koi neend ki medicine is pay aser nehen kerti. please ya to koi hel beta den ya kisi acchay say khuda ters doctor ka peta beta den jo Lahore mein ho.

consult a child physician , you need to extra careful with young children, sleep habits can be a cause of many problems or one problem and a good sleep is required for child to be healthy.

this is not a doctors community and even if it was, it is really not a good idea to ask for something like that online.

10 neend ki goliyan pees k dood k sath ya fider mein dal k do

^ Guru Hakeem Armada..

Note: Naqqalon se hoshiyar..Guru armada ki aur koi branch nahi


Every child has a variable pattern of sleep.. so do elderly.. some elderly will keep dosing off all day so their actual night sleep of 7-8 hours adds up to around 10-12 hours will children with extrame contrast to routine tables. and charts.... so its highly variable.

the ONLY AND BEST TRUE POSSIBLE solution is to consult a Pediatrician.. on a child specialist will diagnose and treat children properly.. no general practitioner, no surgeon.. just a Child specialist.

for altering the sleep pattern of that aged child is not hard, just change the timing of giving him food , you will change the timing of meals (to him) and the sleep pattern will b altered . u will know this after having experience ,

good luck .and these days are memorable , enjoy being parents :)

ma sha ALLAH

It takes 3-14 days to change a baby’s sleep patterns, just as it takes a few days for grown-ups to get over changes to their sleep patterns (for example, when suffering from jet lag).

You can change your baby’s sleep pattern, but expect your baby to protest for the first few nights, until he gets used to the change. Sleep will then improve for everyone.