Need Help Removing Throttling On Torrents

I disconnected my 4Mbps DSL service from PTCL yesterday. I just couldn't bear the cratastic service anymore. Since i had a ONU number, so there was no way I could shift to another DSL service. So I looked for an alternative in wimax. Witribe was good, but i hate caps :@.. Qubee doesn't provide coverage in my area unfortunately. The only other option I had was to get Wateen. I got it later that evening. Overall, signal strength is good and it's working pretty good so far. Browsing and http downloading are gr8. However, I'm experiencing massive throttling on torrents. I can only go upto 20KB/s on private trackers. They provided me with a new device from ZTE. It's a ZTE ix380 Wimax Device. What I wanted to ask is there any way to override this throttling of torrents. If yes, then how.

Please let me know..


buy a seedbox...

Why ?? Why do I have to pay extra to buy a seedbox ?? What was the point of being unlimited if they're going to throttle traffic on torrents :@...


well thats something you should ask wateen..

Is there any way at all I can bypass this stupid throttle ??? Any way at all ???

get buckeye or wolverine.

And they are ?

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And they are ?


Nevermind, I found out about them. But I can't get those. They didn't give me one. They were insisting on providing USB for some reason oO. I didn't take it. Took the router instead. It's a ZTE ix380 device. Is it any good ??

me too using ZTE IX380 device and getting very good torrent download speed from public trackers...

^ How did you manage to override their throttling. I tried every single thing to fix it, but there's no way around it. They do relax the throttle from 2 AM though. But i'm asleep by that time. PM me if you have a permanent fix for this problem.

I did nothing to my device. I was facing the same issue few days back. I made a complain via email but they did nothing then I made a call on this number 042-38375266. and finally after calling them they fixed my problem.