Need help regarding tp-link tl-r488t load balancing device

dear friends today i purchased a tp-link tl-r488t load balancing device .

i have 2 ptcl dsl connection both are working fine and connected on ppoe setup just like all ptcl setup. the prolem i m facing when i plug these two connection into load balancing device its not working plz plz can any one guive me how to setup 2 dsl connection through tplink tl-488t . i will be very thankfull to u


yaar plz can any 1 help me plz i need your help guyz

set both adsl modem Lan ips different from each other put these ip's separately in r488t wan ip simple :-)


or may be it will be very simple, use automatically setting and u don't need to set lan ip's different from each other