Need Help regarding digital cable tv in khi

As the title speak for itself i am looking for a digital cable service in Karachi, local cable just looks pathetatic on HD TV, i know about some providers like

PTCL Smart TV - Not at all impressed with their so called digital quality , the channels were so pixelated at times , it looks annoying , so a BIG NO for me

Hear about other providers but never saw or used them , my desired channel list is

ARY Digital, HUM TV, Geo Entertainment , Express, TV one,
Masala Channel (Cooking),
Nat geo, Discovery, Health TV
Cartoon network, Pogo
Star Movies, AXN, Star world
Ary news, sama, Dawn news, Geo news, dunya news, express news
Star sports 1,3,4, Ten sports

These are the basic channels which should be in list, i heard some providers have HD channels in their list, which is a BIG + for me,

For me personally best option was Dish TV HD, but my family won't ever accept it because of no Pakistani channels on it sad.gif my basic requirements are sports and English entertainment channels.

So please recommend me some good service providers, and please don't comment on heard/listned basis, if you used it, kindly then share your experience

Any help will be highly appreciated . Thanks

Check DWN

I am more than satisfied sofar. But they have only one or two HD channels.

Quality of DWN isn't that good either on big LCDs. Personal experience.

These services are meant for small CRT TVs so its not service provider's fault. whatever service you choose you will never be satisfied unless you opt for a HD service which is basically meant for big high resolution LCDs.

Your choice mate <_<

^ Correct, quality of DWN on big screens is not perfect either.

but comparing with other available solutions, its far better and hassle free.

Dish TV has no Pakistani channels, and Installation of PakSat/ AsisaSat is a headache in long run.

when in rome do as roman do, so when in pakistan watch normal china quality channels :D