Need help regarding cable net

Well my friend got a cable connection from one of the local cable net providers. The thing is that he just got a tp link wifi router tl wn740n. Now he can't seem to access the server(where they store movies & stuff) while using the router. Network only shows his pc. I personally checked his pc and tried to disable the firewall of the router but it still does not show the server. Using without the router it shows perfectly. So any help would be much appreciated.

Go deep in the router configuration and disable or add exceptions etc

tell me the ip of router and ip of pc and ip of that web sharing server i will let u know inshALLAH

Thanks for replying back usama. If you are asking about the Ip of router then it is I don't know what is the ip of that server(don't know how to check). Ip assigned to the pc is Now the thing is what I came to understand that in the router settings. In DHCP menu the client list shows his PC name for example IK-PC. That is the only one shown in the network. Now when the router isn't used then it shows all the pcs connected in the network including his. Just like in internet cafe. Where they put videos in the server and the users access it from network

Looks like router is isolating wifi devices preventing access to LAN PCs. Check for AP Isolation setting in Wireless configuration of router and disableb it. HTH.

@Noumanpk : bro just check at which port cablnet cable is connected to wifi router .. if its connected to wan port than connect it to lan port or if its connected to lan port than connect in to wan port and than check whats IP urs pc is getting.

if ip is 10.*.*.* than u can access server but cannot access urs wifi router

dear noman, kindly tell me, which type of connection have you configure in your wifi router for your local cable wala, its on dhcp, pppoe,pptp ?

if your local cable wala using pppoe aur pptp then this problem can be solved and solution depend on your router.

There must be any setting left....